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Скачать Fast Short Slideshow - After Effects Templates

Категория: Футажи | Сабмит в закладки

Fast Short Slideshow - After Effects Templates

Fast Short Slideshow - After Effects Templates
AFTER EFFECTS CS 5.5 + | 1920X1080 (HD) | NO PLUG-INS | 42.83 MB

This After Effects Template is a fast and dynamic slideshow that uses colorful transitions to grab your viewers attention.
This fast paced slideshow could just as easily be used as a promo, or sections could be cut into a title sequence edit.
This template could be used for various projects for example video portfolio demonstrations or a way to show
photos/ videos from your recent trip or vacation. This AE Template offers you a cool way to tell your
photo story and is a great way to show your friends your favorite moments.

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